Dealing with Team Conflict

Target Audience
Expected Duration
Lesson Objectives

This course gives the insight to the team leader to play his role to its full potential for improving quality, productivity, flexibility and innovation. Team leaders must learn to skillfully manage group discussions, internal conflicts, and issues of team accountability so that these activities yield good results that are supported by the whole team and build group relations rather than destroy them.

Target Audience
Team leaders, project managers, supervisors and managers with less than two years experience in a team building role.

Expected Duration
2.5 hours

Lesson Objectives:

Ensuring Team Accountability

  • recognize the importance of ensuring team accountability when leading a team.
  • identify how Operating Agreements ensure team accountability
  • identify how to develop personal performance agreements.
  • identify the role that a team leader plays to ensure accountability of his team.
  • Dealing with Team Conflict

  • recognize the value of knowing how to deal with team conflicts.
  • identify the process to contain conflict that will arise within the team.
  • identify how to surface conflicts that arise in a team.
  • identify how to celebrate differences in the team.
  • identify how to deal with conflicts that arise as a result of clashing styles within a team.
  • identify how to resolve conflict that comes up as a result of unmet expectations within the team members.
  • identify how to deal with conflict due to competition for power, resources, recognition in a team.
  • identify how to deal with conflict due to interpersonal and personal differences.
  • identify how to deal with conflict that arises due to inter-group dynamics.
  • Course Number: TEAM0113