Personnel Profiles, Inc. Assessment Selection Screen

Personnel Profiles, Inc.

Dear Applicant / Employee:

Welcome to our Virtual HR Center. The assessment you are about to participate in has been developed to identify talents within you which, when recognized, can be enhanced and enable you to reach your highest potential.

If you are a job applicant, the assessment will in no way constitute the total basis for hiring or placement. It will merely serve as one of the aids helping us know you better.

We encourage you to answer the questions as rapidly and forthrightly as possible. It is important to be as candid and direct as possible in order to ensure the best possible outcome.

Please note below the time needed for the assessment assigned to you. Make every effort to ensure you are not distracted or otherwise involved during this process, as this is important to your future. Be sure to have paper and a pencil or pen available for calculations. Please click on the link for your assigned assessment.

Best wishes for your growth and success.

Guardian II
45 minutes

If you have any concerns about the assessment please contact:

Personnel Profiles, Inc.