Take the Career Advisor

Welcome to the unique Career Advisor experience. The Career Advisor is an assessment designed to measure the skills and traits of an individual relative to those required for success in a particular vocation.

The Career Advisor assessment utilizes a database of approximately 300 jobs derived from the Dictionary of Occupational Titles published by the United States Department of Labor. The Career Advisor database not only contains a myriad of job titles, but also contains the requirements for success in those jobs. These requirements for success have been determine by utilizing the Career Advisor assessment to analyze individuals who are considered successful in the 300 jobs contained in the database. This analysis has resulted in benchmarks for success for each of the 300 jobs in the database.

By taking the Career Advisor assessment, your skills and traits will be compared to the benchmarks for success for jobs you select. The Career Advisor can then help you determine the specific jobs in which you are most likely to succeed based upon your particular skills and traits.

The Career Advisor report provides feedback to you regarding six mental skills and ten personality traits as measured by the Career Advisor. A narrative is provided to help you understand your scores in these critical areas. Following the narrative is a score sheet that graphically portrays your scores. Lastly, the Career Advisor report provides you with a complete list of jobs in the Career Advisor database that you selected for comparison of your skills and traits, and whether or not you are recommended for those jobs based upon your scores.

We hope you enjoy your Career Advisor report, and wish you much success in your future endeavors.

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